Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Tired and Large

Well, I don't have any new pics to post, because I keep forgetting to bring in my camera. I am going to take pictures of the cute Moose nursery and I will post them. For now, I thought I would update you on the rough life of an 8 month pregnant woman. I really do love being pregnant and everyday is a new adventure!! It just comes with a lot of uncomfortable moments. Like when a foot seems to get right under my ribs and twist. Thats an everyday occurance. And when I get to feel hiccups six times a day...another joy!! Anyway, I am getting pretty large and pretty dang tired. I am trying to convince my boss to give me every Friday off until I have the baby, but its not going over too well.

So I thought I would share a little story about how Dustin obviously thinks and worries about me going into labor more than I knew... The other night, I of course woke up to go to the bathroom. Well, most normal people are able to throw one leg over the edge of the bed and the rest of the body follows. HOWEVER, when the center of your body is far bigger and far heavier than the rest of it, and you no longer have the use of your abs, things change. So, I swing my leg over the edge of the bed and about tear it out of the socket since the rest of my body stayed in the exact same place. I started gasping loudly in pain, and in two seconds, Dustin was on his hands and knees on the bed screaming, "Are you having contractions? Are you in labor? Are you okay?" I told him what happened and he seemed a bit miffed that I really was okay. No sympathy. Anyway, it was pretty funny to see him freak out so much at the possibility of me being in labor.