Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lake Powell, Easter and other stuff

Well, it has been an eventful few months for our family. We took Camden on his first Lake Powell trip, and he loved it!! His favorite part was driving the boat with Grandpa Rick, and taking naps on the boat. He took the longest naps on the boat!! I wish I could put him on a boat every day!! We were only down there for a couple days, but it was a nice little getaway. Here are a few pics...

Me and Camden taking a little snoozer :)

Camden has also been exploring all kinds of food...some good, some bad. Usually the bad ones are Daddy's doing. Here are two pics of him enjoying some chocolate something, and some licorice.

Camden is finally mobile. I have no idea why I wanted this day to come...he is into everything!! He is crawling everywhere and loves to walk along all the furniture. His new favorite rooms in the house are the kitchen and bathroom. He loves to open and slam cabinet doors, pull stuff out, and get into anything I tell him is a "No no". He also uses my kitchen stool as a walker.

Camden is such a funny baby and does so many funny things. Right now, he is into pointing at everything. It is so funny and cute. He points in the direction he wants you to go, and he points at everyone and everything. He also plays peek-a-boo. He turns his head away, and then turns it back really fast. It is so funny!! He loves books, and just sits and flips through them and jabbers. He always has to turn the pages when we read books together. He has such a funny personality, but is so busy!! He now has this evil little laugh growl thing whenever he is doing something naughty. He also says "Uh-oh" all day as he gets into things and throws things. Here are two cute pics. One of the pointer and one of Camden and Daddy.

Last of all, we got Camden a cute little suit for Easter, so we took a few pictures at my mom's house.