Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Time!

Wow, how the time has gone by! I can't believe that Christmas is in less than a week! Things have been pretty crazy for us the last month between Dustin finishing the semester and me helping my mom out with catering! This month has just flown right by! Camden is getting so big and so funny! He is almost seven months old. He is not crawling yet, but will scoot forward a foot or so before crying or rolling over. He loves to stand and is very brave, always trying to stand on his own. And much to my disappointment, on Tuesday he said "Da da". I was hoping to get the first word, but I think "Da da" is so much easier! He says it all day long, and when he is getting really angry he screams it in this high pitch raspy voice. It is hilarious!!

He also has a lot of funny tricks. He blinks his eyes when you blink at him. His favorite thing to do is shake his head back and forth when I say "no no". Unfortunately, we say it all the time because it so so funny, so when I am seriously trying to tell him no, he just shakes his head back and forth :) He loves to mimick everything we do. He coughs and screams and loves to mimick. His newest trick is tilting his head to the side. I was looking at him the other day and he started tilting his head to the side while he was looking at me. I thought, "what is he doing?" Then I realized I had my head tilted to the side while I was looking at him! It is so cute when he does it! Unfortunately, I haven't caught it on camera yet.

Here are some pictures of the last little while...

Daddy trying to make Camden a mini Redskins fan...

Camden is eating us out of house and home!! This kid loves to eat and only refuses green beans and peas :)

Our best stocking stuffer ever!!

We took Camden to temple square to see the lights. He loved it! He was so amazed looking at all the lights and had lots of fun with my family. Below is a pic of our family, Camden with Grandpa Rick, and one of Camden.