Thursday, August 7, 2008


Wow! How quickly life passes when you have a little one! Camden is already two and a half months old!! We can't belive it. He is doing so well and is such a fun and happy baby. He is so smiley and coos and talks all the time. However, it is still basically impossible to catch his smile on camera! We have a lot of fun trying though:)

Life is really good. Our lives totally revolve around Camden and his "schedule" for the day. People will call and ask me what my plans are for the next day and I can't ever plan much in advance because everyday is a new adventure!! Anyway, here is some pictures and an update of our life...sorry if it is really long!!

Camden loves his cousins Alex and Maddie!!

Alex and Camden chillin on Grandma's bed.

Camden and Maddie love to look at each other and talk to each other. We think they love to talk about how rough it is to be babies!!

Camden's blessing day...

We took about twenty pictures and he would smile between all of them!! None were caught on camera. Below is as close as we got!

The fam

So as many of you know, Camden is a morning baby. Once he is up, he is up. Mommy, however, has a really hard time in the mornings now that her sleep is always disrupted. So, our morning routine is when Camden decides it is time to get up (usually somewhere between 5:30 and 7:00), Daddy brings him into me and I feed him and let him talk and play for a while as I try to keep my eyes open, and then as soon as he gets bored, I cuddle him and try to get him back to sleep and then just let him sleep in our bed and I sleep on the other side of the bed....well, to say the least, for such a little guy he is already a bed hog! I don't know how he did it, but he started on one side and ended up in the middle!

Our family from California have been here for the past week and it has been so much fun!! Camden got to meet his great grandma Ona. He loves her so much!! He would just cuddle right into her chest and stay there. He doesn't do that for anyone! We miss her already, she had to go home yesterday :(

Some of the other family is still here though. Deb, Jen and Laurie are still here to play play play! Somehow they have avoided the camera so far. We all went to the Zoo yesterday and Camden decided to make our family look like scrounges... After eating, he was so hot. He looked at me with a bright red face and then threw up all over me. It was great...

Then, I went to change his diaper and realized he had a blow went everywhere but in the diaper!! So he ended up in a tee shirt and the diaper for the rest of the day! I think that was his plan because he was so hot :)

It was a hot long day for everyone and this picture says it all...