Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Kassidy Cori Morrison was born February 17, 2011 at 11:47 PM. She was 6 lbs 4 oz and 17 inches long. She is a good little baby, although we are currently battling her first cold. I can't believe my two week old baby is so sick. We went to the doctor tonight, and she told us to keep a close watch on her all night, so it is currently my shift, so I decided to finally update my blog.

Here we are, me and the babe, after about 7 hours of labor.

Here is the story, its a long one...Thursday afternoon, I started feeling what seemed like "real" contractions. So, when I put Camden down for his nap, I decided to time them. They were about 7 minutes apart. I called Dustin and told him he better come home, in case things sped up. By 5:30, my contractions were about 5 minutes apart and were becoming quite painful, so we decided to drop Camden off at Grandma's and head up to Lakeview Hospital. We got to the hospital at about 6:30 PM, and as we were walking in the hospital, Dustin said "This is so uneventful. I can't believe we are going to just check in, get an epidural, and wait for this baby to come." Little did we know....

So, as I am getting hooked up to monitors, being asked a million questions, and settling into my birthing suite, a nurse comes in and says, "Did you know Dr. Ward is out of town?" This news was both shocking and unnerving, because I knew that Lakeview Hospital required a doctor to be present for my entire labor, since I was attempting a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean). After informing me that I was dialated to a 4 and that things were moving along nicely, the nurse excused herself to go call the backup doctor. About 10 minutes later, she came in and gave me two options: have a c-section in an hour, or go to another hospital to attempt a VBAC. The backup doctor was already at LDS Hospital delivering another baby.

So, at about 7 PM, we were cruising on up to University Hospital. I was very upset at this point, and in quite a bit of pain. I was sure it was going to be a horrible experience, that I would just be pushed to the side, since I didn't have a doctor and was a transfer patient. When we first got to the hospital, that is exactly what I felt like. I was put in this random room in the middle of a construction area, and was told someone would be in to check to see if I was "really in labor" before officially checking me in. About an hour later, they confirmed that I could stay, since I was dialated to a 6 and in quite a bit of pain.

At 8:40 PM, I was finally taken to my delivery room. There I was greeted by the best nurse ever, who I later learned was the sister to my friend Chris. I requested an epidural at that point, since I was not liking the pain anymore and was dialated to 7. My nurse paged for my epidural and labor continued...painfully continued for another hour and a half without the epidural. As I started getting louder and less patient, my nurse went out looking for my pain meds. Turns out, the paging system was down exactly when my request was sent. So, at about 10:15, I got my epidural. It took forever because my contractions were 1 min apart at this point. I was dialated to 8. Wow. Don't really want to go through that again. I almost broke Dustin and my poor nurses hands. It was rough.

So, I finally get the epidural, my parents came in to say hi for a minute, and I was hoping to relax for a bit. Doctors kept popping in and having me roll to my right side, then my left, put oxygen on me, all for baby. Her heart rate kept dropping, and they were quite worried about that. So, at about 10:45, a doctor came in and asked if we could check my progress. So, out went my parents again, they checked me, and I was fully dialated. So, everyone was like, okay, we are ready to push! I was not ready to push! I was finally feeling good for a few minutes! Here we go. All the sudden my room was filled with about 8 doctors. It was crazy! I pushed for about 45 minutes, and they were really worried about the baby's heart rate and I was bleeding more than normal, so they informed me that they would be using forceps to assist me. This completely freaked me out! So, next contraction, I got to push with forceps. This was not fun. So painful! They took the forceps out, I pushed one more time, and she was out! She screamed right off and was a healthy, beautiful baby. Luckily, she had no marks from the forceps. Overall, my experience was so good. The doctors were so great, and my nurse was amazing.

So, that is the story, sorry it was so long!!

Our family. Camden loves his new baby sister so much. He loves her too much, hence she got his cold. He can't keep his hands to himself. He is always trying to hold her and kiss her. He is a good little helper.

This is what Camden and Dustin were doing the first day we were all home together. Cute snowman!

My cute kids in their PJs!

Just had to document that these are preemie PJs. She is so tiny! Especially compared to Camden who was 8 lbs 5 oz and 21 in!

Cutest little face.

And had to include this one... first unofficial semi-smile. She is such a sweet baby, and we love her so much!! Hopefully this illness will pass quickly, and we can get back to enjoying our sweet, happy baby!