Monday, September 14, 2009

Summer fun

Well, since it has again been several months since I posted anything, here are a few pics from our summer.

The 24th of July parade...

He didn't know how he felt about the sirens!

We went to the Bees game with our friends Ryan, Paige and Henry.

Camden and Henry

Camden chowing down on kettle corn. He had to get it from the bag himself.

My latest adventure...teaching Camden to feed himself. I am not doing very well because I hate when he makes a big mess of himself and my kitchen!! But I guess it will all be worth it once he gets the hang of things :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Disneyland, Camden's Birthday and Walking!!

Wow, I am so far behind!! Just a warning, this is going to be a long post because these are the most exciting events that have happened for us in a very long time!!

We were able to go to Disneyland with my family and some of our California family at the beginning of May. It was so much fun!! We spent three full days, which was just not enough. Camden did really well, although he woke up between 5 and 6 every morning. Lets just say we were all exhausted after our vacation!!

Here are some of my favorite pictures of the trip.

Here is the only almost complete group picture. We were getting ready to load up to head to Disneyland!! As you can see, we were all standing around like a bunch of lost cattle. This is pretty much what happened every time the entire group was together since there were so many of us :) It was so fun though, and I REALLY wish we would have gotten a better picture!!

Camden's very first ride!! It was the Buzz Lightyear ride. He was so amazed and a little bit scared!! However, he loved the laser gun and wouldn't put it down.

Camden decided to pee through his diaper, all over grandma and grandpa, and soak his clothes on the first day at about 2 PM. It was totally our fault!! Time flies when you are standing in line at Disneyland, and we totally forgot to change him!! Luckily I had brought a backup outfit!!! This is him naked in the stroller when I was trying to get him dressed again.

Camden, Maddie, and Alex. Would you guess that Camden is two weeks younger than Maddie?? She is such a petite little girl, and Camden is a tank!!

Family pic by the Winnie the Pooh ride.

This is my most favorite picture. It is so cute of both of my boys. This was right before getting on the train.

Alex and Camden. They are best buddies!

Me and Camden on "It's a small world". This was definitely Camden's favorite ride as you can tell by the amazement on his face.

Us and my parents in front of "It's a small world". This is as close as we got to a family picture...we didn't do very good in that department!!

Camden in Mickey ears!!

This was the house that we stayed at. It was so nice and so much fun!! It had a sweet pool and hot tub, the coolest backyard, and it was so cute!! We absolutely loved it!

Then Camden turned one year old on May 22nd!! Wow, how fast that year flew by! It was a bittersweet day for me. I had a rough day remembering that day just a short year ago when I met my beautiful boy. He is growing up so fast. Sometimes it is so hard, but I love watching him learn and grow!!

His stats now are: 24 lbs 8 oz, 31.75 in - He is a big boy!!!

We had John Deere tractor party for Camden. It was so much fun!! Friends and family came to celebrate his big day. We had a BBQ at the park. It was a really fun day!! The story behind the two cakes is Dustin found a tractor pan after I had already planned out the field cake, so he got both. He is one spoiled boy!

Camden helping dad lick the spoon as I was baking cakes.

Cake #1

Cake #2

Cute decorations!! It turned out very cute even though I had to be really creative getting the decorations together!!

Camden and his aunt Pam.

He loved all his gifts! He had a hard time giving up one to open another.

Camden enjoying his Birthday cake!! We were filming with the video camera when he ate it himself, so we missed getting pictures. It was so funny!! He would try to grab some and then he would try to flick the frosting off his hand because he hates gooey stuff on his hands. So he would try again and then just flick his hand and cry. It was great. He liked the cake when Dustin fed it to him...on a fork.

This is when the party was over and Camden was ready to go home :)

Then, on May 30th, Camden started walking!! He has been playing with the idea for the last couple weeks, taking a couple steps here and there, but he finally took off! It is so fun to see him walk. He kind of looks like an alien :) it is really cute!!

Here he is, taking off down the hall! Unfortunately this is the only picture I have of him walking so far. As soon as he sees the camera he drops and starts crawling at me full speed to steal it.

And first steps brought first goose eggs!! You can't tell how bad it is in this picture, but he had a goose egg on the right side of his forehead for almost a week. He still has a nasty bruise from it. He has taken many hard bonks, and I am sure this is only the beginning!!

If you made it this far reading my post, you are a trooper. I will try to keep up on things better so that I don't have to leave posts this long!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lake Powell, Easter and other stuff

Well, it has been an eventful few months for our family. We took Camden on his first Lake Powell trip, and he loved it!! His favorite part was driving the boat with Grandpa Rick, and taking naps on the boat. He took the longest naps on the boat!! I wish I could put him on a boat every day!! We were only down there for a couple days, but it was a nice little getaway. Here are a few pics...

Me and Camden taking a little snoozer :)

Camden has also been exploring all kinds of food...some good, some bad. Usually the bad ones are Daddy's doing. Here are two pics of him enjoying some chocolate something, and some licorice.

Camden is finally mobile. I have no idea why I wanted this day to come...he is into everything!! He is crawling everywhere and loves to walk along all the furniture. His new favorite rooms in the house are the kitchen and bathroom. He loves to open and slam cabinet doors, pull stuff out, and get into anything I tell him is a "No no". He also uses my kitchen stool as a walker.

Camden is such a funny baby and does so many funny things. Right now, he is into pointing at everything. It is so funny and cute. He points in the direction he wants you to go, and he points at everyone and everything. He also plays peek-a-boo. He turns his head away, and then turns it back really fast. It is so funny!! He loves books, and just sits and flips through them and jabbers. He always has to turn the pages when we read books together. He has such a funny personality, but is so busy!! He now has this evil little laugh growl thing whenever he is doing something naughty. He also says "Uh-oh" all day as he gets into things and throws things. Here are two cute pics. One of the pointer and one of Camden and Daddy.

Last of all, we got Camden a cute little suit for Easter, so we took a few pictures at my mom's house.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Laundry, Haircuts, and Swimming Lessons

Camden is now almost nine months old!! We can't believe it. He loves to jabber all the time and says "ba ba" and waves for bye bye, says "da da da" as he dances, and of course, nothing close to mom yet!! He also loves to scream and make any noise that brings attention to him. He still isn't crawling, although its getting close. He loves to be standing and moves around furniture. We think he might just skip the crawling and go straight to walking!! He has to be in the middle of everything all the time. This is him helping with a TON of laundry...

He also got his first haircut a few weeks ago. His hair was shagggy and hanging over his ears:) His Grandma Danielle gave him his first haircut...

And our new fun adventure is swimming lessons!! Camden and I are doing swimming lessons together, and he loves it!! We wanted him to be comfortable in the water before this summer so that he will love boating, swimming, and hopefully kneeboarding!! Okay, maybe not this summer :) He is loving the swimming lessons, and Dustin came and took pics last week.