Monday, October 6, 2008

4 Months Old

Okay, so Camden is really 4 months and 2 weeks now, but it has been a crazy time for us! I can't believe that Camden is already almost 5 months old!! He is so much fun and has the cutest personality. He is all smiles and giggles and LOTS of stories. He just jabbers all the time. It is so cute. We love him so much!! So, at his four month appointment he was 14 lbs 5 oz and 26 in long. He is pretty much average on weight, but he is long! He is just a long skinny boy! So, here are some random pics that I love...

Our happy baby!!

We have taken Camden on several hikes this summer. These pics are from our hike to Cecret Lake. He is getting the hang of it and usually just sleeps :)

Daddy likes to sit him up in the chair and prop the paper on his lap. It actually entertains him for a little while...especially if there are any bright pictures. This particular day, he was reading the Money and Investing section of the Wall Street Journal :)

Dustin's new favorite game. Camden loves it too...he giggles and smiles. He thinks he is pretty big stuff!

I will end with a picture of Camden in one of my favorite outfits. He is the best dressed in this house!! I love playing dress up now that its getting cold and I have new clothes to put him in. As you can tell from his expression, he loves playing dress up too!!

We are all doing well. I am just chillin at home with Camden, trying to learn this whole take care of the baby, pay attention to him and enjoy him, AND clean the house...I really struggle with the cleaning the house part because I love playing with him so much more than cleaning! Dustin is back in school and we don't see him for days at a time :( One year to go and he is done!! We are counting down. Other than that, we are just living each day and enjoying every new thing Camden does!